´ Beliefs in Disguises -
February 24, 2016

The damsel in distress belief is one that I find particularly annoying yet consistent in our culture. This idea that women can only succeed if a prince on a white horse appears does not feel romantic to me at all. Yet recently I wondered why the belief triggered way more emotions than similarly disempowering ideas. The answer is of course that I still believed it, not when it came to men, but otherwise: some idea would answer all my questions about how to progress my business. Or some doctor would figure out why I feel so tired all the time. In these cases the brilliant idea or the doctor are my versions of the prince on the white horse. Sometimes we know the most obvious version of our limiting beliefs. Yet these beliefs are savvy and they come in many disguises. If we want to move beyond them we need to weed all of these versions out, not just the obvious one.

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