´ Being Exceptional -
March 28, 2015

Hawaiian Green Sea Turtle











For a long time humans were convinced that the entire universe revolved around them. As science debunked this notion it went on to create similar illusions itself: the idea that humans are special because we are the only ones using language, having feelings or being able to use tools. The more we learn about animals and even plants it turns out that none of this is true. Yet we somehow need to feel special. And it seems that we can only feel special if we think about what others, be it animals or other humans can’t do that we can. We want to be exceptional. Think about your definition of being exceptional. Of course it is wonderful if someone else acknowledges our abilities. While it’s nice to hear that someone thinks I am exceptional at something the only reason this is so, is that most other people do not display this quality. I would happily pay the prize of never being called exceptional again, because it would mean that we live in a world where people freely share their innermost love.

I am a self-confident human being who doesn’t need the animal kingdom to feel or think nothing so I can feel good about myself. Rather than being exceptional I like that whales can feel our emotions so clearly, that they just leave if we are giving off negative vibes or that we can let their energy influence us. Rather than being exceptional I prefer to think that each person’s or animals’ individuality is used in a way not to make them more exceptional, but to bring everybody up a level.


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