´ Artificial Separation -
November 18, 2015

When your car breaks down you want the mechanic to diagnose the problem and then fix it. If it doesn’t work the first time around you expect the said mechanic to come up with alternative solutions and try them out one by one until the car is fixed. What you probably don’t want your mechanic to do is to discuss with you how many other cars have this problem, why it’s really hard, that the spare parts exist but each supplier for this spare part sucks for this and this reason.

Yet in psychology, the media, government and even established business we not only accept some of these completely pointless discussions, we participate in them.

At work when you train youngsters there are always people scared that you spoil them. The reasoning goes that only if you are firm and establish strict rules do the kids learn. Yet most of those people when they go home see no problem in loving their own children and refraining from setting up a military school.

Yes contexts differ and what applies to your mechanic might not be the same as what works for a journalist. But sometimes these differences have absolutely nothing to do with context or rationality but are simply a result of old ways of doing things and being too lazy to transition to something else.


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