´ Art comes Second at the Museum -
January 30, 2015

Museums are a great way to get both in and out of your head. Funny enough the art there has very little to do with it.

The thing is outside of the art scene I haven’t really met a lot of people who resonated with  modern paintings. Like psychology it seems that art is also either predominantly fixated on the negative. Why is beauty in a classical sense frowned upon? Why are we made to feel that there is something wrong with us if we just want to experience something that is peaceful to look at? So for the most part I am not too keen to go to modern museums because when it comes to the art it mostly elicits the question ‘what the f**k???’

However for understanding your thought patterns and gaining insight into another person’s thought processes museums are awesome. You can tell the perfectionist who tries to read every description or the hedonist which couldn’t be bothered to spend time with a piece of work she doesn’t resonate with. By simply asking ‘what do you see here?’ or ‘what attracts you to this image?’ you can learn about how the mind of your lover or best friend works outside of daily life.

You experience first hand how difficult being non-judgmental is because most paintings are likely to provoke instant like or dislike or a feeling of uneasiness.

You can witness first hand how a lifetime of ‘shoulds’ whispers in your ear that you have no idea how to appreciate art and that you don’t get the message.

Because your thoughts fire past an unusual background they are more likely to spot than in real life. If the art is of high quality or not has no influence whatsoever on this process.

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