´ You are alright right now -
December 20, 2014

Abstract Backgrounds With Heart Shape For Your Design

Soon we will start goal-setting like crazy. Even more than usual will we be thinking about all the ways in which we are not good enough. Growing and developing is wonderful. Constantly running and feeling inadequate is not.

Believe it or not right now you are alright. Not just as a human being but your circumstances: you have a couple of minutes to read, you are probably sufficiently warm and you have decided to feed your mind. There is no major emergency going on right now because otherwise you would not be reading. Even if you are feeling a little bit hungry overall you had enough to eat and drink. Despite all there is to learn in this world, you don’t have to do any of it this minute.

Let the to-do-list be a list for a moment. Give your worries a break. Right now you are okay and the more often you remind yourself of this truth the more likely you will approach your challenges from a more centred space within you.

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