´ Adding Up and Trusting the Process -
January 31, 2015

Happiness is a marathon, not a sprint. Adding up baby steps or 1% increments is something that seems pointless at first. After all, who cares

on which part of the road you walk or what you do while eating breakfast? When you are unhappy it seems that thinking about such trivial things is a pointless distraction. You look for the one thing that can change everything and do that fast. The thing is, that even though fast powerful shifts happen, it’s almost impossible to plan for them. You can’t say oh I will take this course and that will change everything. It’s a bit like planning to be amazed at the Niagara Falls or on the Empire State Building: sometimes we are lucky and that thing we have been looking forward to is even better in real life. But what happens equally often is that we go and say something like: ‘this looks just as it looks on the pictures, and I don’t feel anything.’

Happiness is similar. So rather than targeting happiness as an outcome any given activity should just be done with an open and experimentally curious mind: let’s see what happens when I try this for a week. Not ‘let’s see if this will make me happier’. Happiness can be a goal but it’s a long-term goal that is achieved by building lots of small habits and doing lots of small activities, which in themselves don’t have huge effects. However taken together they can add up to bring you to the next level. From this level, bigger leaps are possible.

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