´ Now -

Authenticity and vulnerability are popular words right now. As much as I love words I think at some point action has to follow or the words will die hollow. So I decided to do a page about what is happening right now. I am doing this so you can make a better decision about the kind of human I am. I am not doing this to get advice or coaching offers. I am super stubborn that way, kind of like the kind who wants to tie their own shoelaces. And that’s okay, because eventually I figure out how to tie my shoelaces every time and if I don’t, I want to choose, who to work with myself. This was inspired by Derek Sivers.

April 2016

  • Working on a class I am going to teach at Volkshochschule Zurich. It’s about examining our identity and self-image, reframe and accept things that we don’t like and heighten our focus on the things that work. I am grateful for the opportunity to not always have to teach the same subject in positive psychology but move around between topics.
  • In January I wrote that want to pay back my student loan and that is accomplished. Credit card debt will be gone next. I reduced it significantly in the last six months.

March 2016

  • I am happy with the progress of the German speaking podcast. And I liked the validation of having it featured on the homepage of iTunes. To secure reviews I had to ask people for a favour, something I don’t do that often. Most people went ahead and most of them seemed really happy to do it. That is reassuring to know.
  • Started implementing different eating habits and have more energy now. Realized that I had to get rid of the hope, that an iron injection or something else medical could solve the problem. Instead I took responsibility for my health.

February 2016

  • The podcast is going very well so I am launching it in German. Also I am thinking about ways to have a relationship with my listeners in a way that is beneficial to both of us. To achieve this I am talking to the listeners who are reaching out.
  • I have to get over my fear of asking people to do something like give me their email address or consider my services.
  • In January a well-known publisher in my neck of the woods reached out to me. I really wanted to work with them but it didn’t work out. However it was a big confidence booster to know that publishers (another one contacted me shortly afterwards) are interested.
  • Attempting to establish a re-writing habit that works.

January 2016

  • Resolutions for this year: expand generosity muscle/ focus on delighting people/ practice authentic marketing that furthers my business in financially viable ways without violating what I feel good about doing/ expand the frequency and duration of flow experiences so that I can work better/finally say goodbye to my credit card and student loan and capitalize even more on what is working well (like for example the podcast)
  • Something I have wanted for 12 years is within reach but not yet certain. Wish me luck for writing said proposal.
  • Had the realization that the spirituality book I was writing is not really about spirituality. Back to the drawing board.

December 2015

  • I am enjoying the afterglow from my one week at a Buddhist monastery. I ensure that I feel the soles of my feet, appreciate my food more and chew it better and enjoy the new feeling of utter relaxation when I wake up.
  • I am editing my first book which is about spirituality. Sometimes the fear that nobody will give a shit about the thing that is so important to me, that I feel I am more okay with dying once it’s finished, is paralyzing that I don’t work on it for a few days. That is okay, because it means I am thinking too much about the future instead of breaking it into manageable parts.
  • In the summer I will reduce my work at the bank another 10% so I am both excited and concerned about how to make up for that income.
  • I am working on my own mindset to feel that I have enough in all areas of life: food, money, exercise, love, comfort and sweetness.
  • Whenever I get overwhelmed with the marketing to-dos and the reality of building a side-business I remind myself to focus on what feels right now and how to delight people.