´ 24 Ideas to using your Strengths Online -
July 6, 2014

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You don’t have to leave your computer to use your strengths or at least not just yet. Check out and try out some of the suggestions below. Or you could devise your very own online strengths experiment. Something that occurred to me recently was that random acts of kindness lend themselves very well to online activities. So I now try to bundle different things together and just spend 30 minutes to one hour filling out surveys, writing reviews of products I like, signing petitions for things I find important, etc. It’s a win-win situation because the other party involved appreciates your help while you get a happiness boost out of these little kindnesses. If you have additional ideas or want to share your experiences comment below.

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VIA StrengthTo-do
CreativityCreate something, take a picture and share it online
CuriosityExplore podcasting
JudgmentWrite a helpful in-depth review showing pros and cons
Love of LearningTake an online course Udemy, Coursera
PerspectiveContribute to a forum in a thoughtful way
BraveryDare to be yourself online
PerseveranceVolunteer time regularly for a website you care about (eg Wikipedia)
HonestyGive helpful and honest feedback (personal e-mail might be better than public comments)
ZestFound a cool Meetup.com group where you can pursue your passion with others
LoveSend a love letter (not just for romantic partners, but close friends, family members)
KindnessHelp students with their research surveys
Social IntelligenceUse your social intelligence to keep online group discussions friendly and productive
Teamworksupport a worthy cause with more than a like
FairnessSpeak for someone who can’t speak for themselves
Leadershipstart something (a kickstarter.com campaign,
ForgivenessGive someone a second chance
HumilityGive credit to others
PrudenceBe mindful of what you make available online and to whom
Self-RegulationLimit time you spend consuming content that creates negative emotions
Appreciation of BeautyExplore Flickr.com
GratitudeKeep a Gratitudelog.com
HopeGive someone hope and encouragement who just started something new
HumorRelate something funny that happened to you on Facebook
SpiritualityLearn more about religious and/or spiritual traditions
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