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December 12, 2017

The researcher Matthew Smith suggested that you should go luck yourself. It means that you should start seeing yourself as a lucky person. Imagine you are walking along a road and you find twenty bucks on the floor. This is what happened to some of the study participant in an interesting experiment. However only the people who saw themselves as lucky found the money. Their brain was expecting good things so it picked up on the money whereas the pessimists rushed past the money and never found it. Optimists don’t necessarily have more opportunities, they just seize them. So go luck yourself today!


December 12, 2017

Research shows that a huge majority of the things we worry about never turn out as bad as we think it will. We are not only wasting mental energy, we are not putting it where we could get more bang for our buck. Today I would like to suggest, that you consider adopting a generalized optimistic mindset. That means that unless you have evidence that contradicts an optimistic interpretation of events, you assume that people do their best. Mistakes happen to everyone and fretting usually doesn’t help solve the problem. Your doubts and pessimism don’t have to be banned but instead applied selectively: when you are in actual physical or psychological danger it is crucial to respect your fears and even your anger. They might be pointing at something that is actually wrong. However if you take this challenge, you will not just let negativity pass through your brain unquestioned and unfiltered. Even if it has a purpose we can often think of different ways to express and act on these things. Doing this helps us reap the benefits of a realistic optimism without falling prey to real danger.