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September 2016
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September 24, 2016

Every living being has evolved to thrive under certain environmental conditions and is challenged, once those conditions are not met. That is not just true for different species but even for individuals. So we set up our particular brand of bubble to make sure, that we can operate in the best possible way within that. I do this too by both blocking out information, that is not helpful to what I am trying to achieve and amplifying the things which further my cause. Yet no matter how comfortable it is in this bubble, it is vital, to see beyond it every once in a while. One way I do this is to attend the Zurich Film Festival and watch a shit-ton of documentaries and independent movies. Some of it is sweet, wonderous and encouraging but a big chunk is scary. Seeing what kind of complete nutcase is the most successful US police force trainer is haunting. Being in someone’s shoes who is completely helpless is not pleasant at all. It would be more comfortable within my bubble for sure. Yet here’s the thing: being outside the bubble reminds me of the urgency of what we are trying to achieve: healing and bringing forth a world, that is not so freaked out, that we can never leave our bubbles anymore.