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September 2016
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September 4, 2016

Most people have seen and felt unbelievably moving things that we somehow don’t talk about in our culture. These events can move us by being unexplainable, tender or intense. They range from communicating through telepathy to straight-forward moments of deep intimacy when energy is exchanged in ways we don’t understand how to put into language. Yet often when we attempt to talk about these things what Stephen Harrod Buhner calls “The Reality Police” steps up: this is another person or our inner voice which says something like “that is not possible” or “how can you prove that?”. It was one thing to sell something as a fact that is not. Yet regardless of whether something has been explained or not and regardless of whether we understand what happened, letting the reality police squelch these conversations before they can happen ensures, that we will be blocked and can’t grow in that particular area.