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September 3, 2016

Today I was masochistic enough to actually go on a Positive Psychology Facebook page and read the content. You would think that that’s a fun and interesting thing for someone passionate about the subject. What greeted me was an argument and counter-argument culture that I have become very tired of. Now let me state that it’s absolutely vital to discuss research in terms of where is it applicable and where is it simply not helpful. However more often then not it feels like a culture war and I feel that even if you are not part of that particular debate, it brings us all down. Because it reflects something that is rampant: we have exactly the same debates over and over again.

  • Team Duckworth: “Grit was found to be quite important.”
  • Media: We all need more grit, let’s implement it everywhere, it will save the world.
  • Concerned Professor: Grit is bad for people and democracies.
  • Media: Do you mean to say that grit won’t save the world???? Fuck grit.

The mother of all pointless debates is religion versus science. One group is holier while the others think they’re smarter. And we keep recycling arguments which just confirm everybody’s point of view. How the hell is that helping anyone?

We can of course do that but it’s about as helpful as watching an episode of the Kardashians to improve anything in your own life and the life of others.

Can we please start having different debates? Can we please just let go of this infantile idea that one concept will save us all without we having to put any effort whatsoever?

Maybe you think this doesn’t concern you, because you are not in academia or the news media. But we can sabotage ourselves by focusing on the wrong debates. We don’t need scientists or politicians for that.