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September 2, 2016

Putting off work until the very last minutes puts us back in touch with our school or university self. Heck we might even get a pang of nostalgia from doing this. I don’t know about you, but there was always a vague sense of naughtiness attached to procrastination that was not exactly unpleasant. Of course we get stressed but there’s some goodness to be had from this experience.

However in this confusing emotional cocktail it’s easy to overlook the real cost of procrastination: mounting fear of the task itself. The longer we wait, the bigger the task ahead seems to grow. It starts out like a manageable box. Wait one day and it grows into a heavy-ass box that you need the movers to come schlepp for you. Wait a week and the task has suddenly taken on a distinctly Kilimanjaro-style endeavour. So let’s not let that happen. Let’s look at procrastination like a ticking time bomb where for the safety and sanity of everyone involved you want to cut the damn wire before it’s shorter than your nail.