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August 17, 2016

Businesses often use a distinction that is also psychologically helpful: run the business versus business development. Run the business is everything you need to do on a daily basis, as a human that would be things like daily hygiene, eating, daily tasks at work or taking care of your kids. Run the business is usually urgent and if we slack the world will let us know in no uncertain terms that it’s not acceptable.

Business development on the other hand is the stuff you do to bring the business forward: find new revenue opportunities, strategize or innovate. In our life that might mean acquire a skill, decide how to spend our time, energy and focus or build and maintain relationships. Here nobody comes screaming and that’s why we often slack here. Yet this is a bit like throwing the captain over board: everybody is working but the ship is just going to some random place. Without a captain, without navigation run the business is completely useless.

What non-urgent but vitally important development can you establish and maintain from today onward?