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August 2016
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August 16, 2016

A little bit over a year a classmate of mine was doing her coaching certification so I thought “why not? If nothing it will be helpful to be reminded of the experience that my clients go through.” But the truth is that one of the big reasons that coaching is effective is that it offers people reflection space, something that is baked into my being. So I doubted it could help. And furthermore I can be pretty proud and stubborn so that part did not like the idea at all that I rely on someone like that to open up. Nevertheless I went ahead and unsurprisingly it didn’t work out. The thing is that I was fake open. I was pretending to give it a shot when I was not. It’s a bit like when an atheist reads the Bible or a Christian reads a book on humanism: nobody has the intention to have it shape them. What are you fake open about? Why not kick it out of your life? It’s wasting everbody’s time anyway.