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August 2016
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August 14, 2016

I love the high you get when you discover a brave new world, something that suddenly interests you so much you could read, think and discuss it all day long. When I am in that state I am a sponge and an extremely happy sponge at that.

When we are not in that state we often jump around without any real focus. The next and newest thing is always exciting for about 10 minutes until it’s not anymore. This state is a burden because our attention is not controlled by us. We are controlled by it. I have discovered a fairly useful filtering question to get out of that state: are you willing to invest 3 times as much time in trying out the concepts as it takes to consume the content? So for example if an audiobook is 5 hours long could I imagine myself being interested in spending 15 hours of my life doing the exercises? Similarly if I read a blog post that takes 5 minutes to read am I willing to spend 15 minutes taking notes and thinking about it? If not I can happily pass because what makes the difference is the information you process, not the information you swallow whole.