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August 2016
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August 11, 2016

Do you always want to win? Can you only be happy, if you reach your goal or if the environment is just according to your preferences? The problem with those things is that we are not in full control whether they happen or not. In fact there is no reliable source of content or joy in those scenarios. I prefer to think like an investor: does this activity guarantee me interesting or rewarding experiences or positive emotions regardless of the final outcome? Do I enjoy the process enough so that I already got so much return on energy or commitment investment that success would be great but is not vital, for the activity to be a good investment? Running guarantees me these things as long as I don’t get physically hurt. So does studying something I find inherently interesting whereas studying something because society needs more engineers makes me vulnerable to the condition, that by the time I finish my studies, society will still need all these engineers and won’t have a sudden influx of great engineers from some lower-wage place.