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July 22, 2016

What we think is true often depends on whether we are backstage or spectators to what’s happening.

Outsider: Coachsurfing is nuts. Have you heard of that guy who was forced to have group sex?

Insider: Coachsurfing has helped me make friends with whom I am still in touch years later. They often are involved in interesting jobs like setting up refugee camps.


Outsider: I am going to the hospital to rest and get better. The advice I get there is beyond question.

Insider: I don’t know anybody who has more dangerous health habits than average medical employees.


Outsider: Fame is luck and luck sometimes favors people with no skills whatsoever.

Insider: Oh man the three AM calls are driving me nuts.


Sometimes it’s better not to know too much. In this case let’s leave some room for our personal misjudgments. And sometimes it’s worth to get the inside view because it is often radically different from what outsiders perceive.