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June 8, 2016

I know how pointless it is to rage against things that are inconsequential in the long run and that I have no control of changing. However every so often I do get really pissed off at things calling themselves names they aren’t. For example customer service is usually a barely disguised attempt, to take the customers money and never talk to them if possible. While the automated emails are efficient for the company they are maddening for anyone who actually needs to get hold of a real human. So after figuring out clue after clue on how to actually find an inquiry form and then getting a ‘do-what you already did-even-if-it-didn’t-work’ email ‘do you still have a problem?’ of course I do you ******. So I wrote back an answer which wasn’t offensive but deviated substantially from the tone I choose to use in regular life. When I got emails from that company I was weary of opening them. So here’s a way to decide whether to blow up or not: are you prepared to take it further and have this stupid issue spoil another day? Sometimes the answer is ‘hell yes’. In this case the poor sausage handling the inquiry had nothing to do with designing their non-customer-service experience.