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May 7, 2016

I just read a book review where the guy said that ‘instead of focusing on concepts like grit (passionate and enduring perseverance) people should ensure that school children are not hungry.’ He discredits the idea by calling it elitist bullcrap. He might have pointed out a perfectly important problem. However one way of making sure that the status quo doesn’t change and hence the people profiting from it can go on profiting from it is by taking two ideas and making them artificial opponents. You can teach children about grit and ensure that no child has to sit in class hungry. By creating artificial opponents people can deflect the attention from things that need to change. Similarly when it comes to school people phrase the debate the way that you either jeopardize academic quality or you teach people skills that are essential in real life. We put a man on the moon with less information available than any smartphone user has today. Are these things really so insurmountable if we decide to give it a gritty effort?