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May 3, 2016

Your life will not change one bit if 11 guys kick a ball into the net often enough. Sports is entertainment and like many things entertainment usually we don’t take it that seriously or even care. Yet every once in a while something happens that makes you believe that miracles are possible. Not theoretically but in real life like when the humble folks of Leicester City win the English Premier League. When the people who were nearly relegated a year ago and faced betting odds of 5000-1 beat teams which have literally ten times more money we should all sit up and take note: that is the power of not buying into the story that money rules the world all the time coupled with grit and dedication. So we don’t celebrate things like this because we don’t understand the triviality of soccer. We celebrate because they remind us, that against all odds getting the most out of what you have can lead to great victories and sometimes even beating the big ones in the process.