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April 10, 2016

I just read this comment: ‘I am afraid Africa is a lost continent.’ It’s understandable to despair about people, a company, a country or even an entire continent. If you feel that way about anything chances are you are not getting the whole story. You are fed the worst bits and keep thinking and revisiting them. As the idea that someone or something is lost enters your mind you are responsible of whether you want to keep that thought alive or not. I would give in to my fear that Africa is a lost continent if that resignation would create any kind of positive change in someone. But it doesn’t. All it does is breed helplessness and strengthen the status quo.

The harder but ultimately more rewarding path is asking ‘what am I not seeing? What resources are there that nobody is talking about? How are people dealing with the challenges? What are the actual statistics over a period of 30 or 40 years? Have they solved similar challenges in the past? How?’

Sometimes the you have to gather more facts than the pessimist to become an informed optimist. This isn’t just true for Africa but for anything we feel hopeless about.