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March 25, 2016

In school they bored the pants off of us with books or movies which they considered to be classics: things which are important and relevant through the ages. To be fair a precious few were interesting or fun yet the reason a lot of it is boring is because some greying white dudes made the choice and put all their gravitas behind that choice, making everybody else feel like they just don’t get it or are maybe not smart enough.

The idea of classic and timeless work however is actually a fun one. It doesn’t have to be high- minded at all.  Which are the books, movies, quotes, music, TV shows or pieces of art that have withstood the passage of time and remain relevant in your life? When have you taken the time to revisit those gems?

Here are a few random personal classics that I care for:

  • Yellow and Strawberry Swing by Coldplay
  • Fields of Gold album by Sting
  • She Walks in Beauty by Lord Byron
  • Harry Potter books
  • The Life and Times of the Thunderbolt Kid by Bill Bryson
  • The 5 Love Languages by Gary Chapman
  • Amélie
  • The Nanny
  • How I met your Mother
  • and many more