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January 10, 2016

If you’re like me there’s an inner voice that says something like this: ‘you can start with that tomorrow, don’t you feel how tired you are? Tomorrow you will be better prepared.’ or ‘you deserve a rest, let’s do this another time and eat and sleep instead’ or ‘why the discipline? Don’t you deserve some fun for a change?’ While there might be times when this voice is actually right, more often than not it’s the start-blocker: it wants to keep me from starting things and instead do nothing.

But I enjoy running, writing or whatever else this voice is trying to keep me from doing. What’s so manipulative about this resistance, is that it frames itself as the caring and fun part while it frames whatever I want to do as hard and serious. But actually it’s the other way round: I feel better and have more fun when I do the things it wants to prevent. I experience flow and satisfaction that comes with good work or a good run. This resistance is not seducing me into having more fun and well-being, it’s just being a start-blocker intent on stifling anything productive.

So how do we know if it’s a genuine part of us voicing concerns or resistance, impersonating self-love? We start anyway. We say ‘I will do this for 15 min. Even when I am tired 15 min won’t hurt me. And then if I find I really can’t concentrate and it really feels awful I can rest instead.’