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December 10, 2015

If you want to accomplish anything that is not mainstream such as to become self-employed or dare to start a cool side-project some people will always feel like it’s their job to drag your deluded ass back to earth. They will inform you about things such as ‘you don’t understand, it’s hard’ or scare you into seeing their point of view (‘I know self-employed people who haven’t had a vacation for 7 years. But they are successful.’ Err, no, not having a vacation for 7 years is the opposite of success, but there you go.) What these people have in common is that they have gleaned their wisdom from observing others, haven’t tried it themselves (or have and failed and hence everybody else will fail) and this clearly qualifies them to lecture you. These people are annoying but they are a small price to pay for actually going after what you believe in as opposed to sitting around and telling others what to do.