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November 17, 2015

In the aftermath of the Paris attacks people feel a lot of sadness, fear and hopelessness. It’s a perfectly natural immediate response that will wane off eventually. However we have to understand that the narrowing effects that negative emotions have on us have very real consequences not only on us personally but in terms of world affairs. If we give in to pressure and being scared all the time our ability to come up with creative solutions disappears. We stop asking the right questions and wonder whether our peaceful values apply to extraordinary situations such as terrorism.

In terms of the ISIS situation the positive and solution orientation would ask:

How can we stop ISIS without planting the seeds for new wars and conflicts 10-15 years down the line? How can we defeat the enemy with little to no violence at all? And these questions suddenly help us come up with different possible solutions:

  • How can we interrupt their internet and phone connections?
  • How can we freeze the money before it reaches them?
  • How can we intercept the weapons and ammunition delivery?

So learning to keep it cool and have some control over our emotions and thought processes is really not a nice to have but crucial if we want to live in a peaceful world.