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November 15, 2015

Casts have many disadvantages: they itch when you put them on, they smell bad and the muscle underneath is very likely to atrophy. Yet when you break a bone you need to use a cast despite all of these disadvantages because the priority is for the bone to heal. The same is true with certain thoughts and beliefs. We too readily point out the flaw of each thought, belief, practice or tool and then we feel satisfied because we feel like we have just used a discerning mind. I used to do that all the time. But sometimes things which are a bad idea for a long time are vital for short moments: yes we don’t want to be dependent on other people all the time but at some times it might be necessary. We might not want to idolize people if it means that we don’t see them as whole, but sometimes a little bit of idolization can help us see things that others miss. We are not damned to eternally do what we are doing or thinking now. So let’s be a bit more thoughtful before we discard possible solutions.