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November 14, 2015

As I was playing the piano I had this impulse to skip over a part I had always struggled with. I invoked a loophole that went along these lines: I am not good at it, it’s not my strength, so I should play the parts that I am good at better.

However we have to be careful when we use strengths as excuses or confuse them with something that has nothing to do with our character strengths: the muscle memory needed to play piano has nothing to do with my strengths of strategy, intellection or connectedness to name a few. One way that this becomes evident is that when playing an instrument after lots of drill practice (just practicing the same section over and over) it can suddenly become one of the easiest and most enjoyable parts of the whole song. This is an indication that it has nothing to do with weaknesses: real weaknesses are not simply turned around after a few drills and become enjoyable and pleasurable. If they do they were not weaknesses to begin with but just things you had little experience with.