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October 24, 2015

While good work takes effort at least at some time, the equation that lots of effort equals good work is false. We know that from ourselves: trying too hard usually doesn’t produce the results we are proud of. In order to help each other stop acting as if busywork leads to great work we need to examine how we react when others display professional effortlessness. While we are fascinated by Federer’s ease many feel bummed out when the electrician is able to immediately solve the problem: ‘hey, that guy didn’t work hard enough. He gets all this money for five minutes of work. That’s not fair.’ Actually he gets the money for the years of  work he had to put in before, so he could solve this kind of problem in five instead of 45 minutes.

So let’s not confuse those who do their job really well and therefore seem fairly relaxed with people who haven’t worked enough.