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October 7, 2015

Yesterday we talked about how the general sometimes keeps us from experiencing tangible everyday events. Often the general is a hollow vessel filled with some shadow of experiences or whatever information we encountered on the past, true or not.

When we want to change our minds it’s often very hard to convince ourselves of abstract concepts like ‘the world is a good place’ or ‘diversity is a good thing’ if we don’t already believe these things. The more we learn specific things the easier it is to change our abstract ideas.

So for example if we set out travelling and everyone from the kebab seller to the person sitting next to you on the train is helpful and open you will find it much easier to believe that people are generally good. You experienced it yourself, it’s not something that you just heard from others. Similarly if you have worked on a team where people from very different backgrounds successfully worked together and you experienced that the creative energy and level of interest was higher there than in more homogeneous groups believing in diversity is not so hard anymore.

Therefore one part of changing your mental climate lastingly in a positive way is to seek out the experiences, books and movies which turn the abstract into tangible concrete examples.