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October 2015
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October 3, 2015

With never-ending to-do lists and available stimulation it’s only natural to want to leave it all behind. But why wait for a holiday once or a handful of times a year? Let’s install little mini refuges into our week. It’s not time when we crawl into bed and do nothing (unless that’s the most appealing mini-refuge you can imagine). Instead it’s something where we allow ourselves the luxury to be completely engaged and present but with the absence of any obligation. For me I am just rediscovering my electric piano. The ten minutes or so I play free the mind from the multiple things I could be thinking about and focus it on a simple task: playing a few notes. That’s it. The piano will let me instantly know if my thoughts have drifted off and gently call me back to the task at hand. And as a bonus it even sounds somewhat nice and there’s a sense of progress. What could be your mini-refuge?