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August 1, 2015

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Today on Swiss National Day is a good time to remind ourselves what we are grateful for. I appreciate Switzerland for extremely unsexy reasons:

  • our public transportation and overall traffic situation is such, that I don’t really have to think about traffic at all when making plans. In lots of other cities around the world it is normal to spend anything from 2-6 hours daily in traffic without even leaving the city.
  • we can actually vote four times a year and not just vote for someone who will vote for us
  • the food quality is pretty good and we have relatively low if any GMO
  • there’s a general climate of trust: the clerk at the store will not try to trick me into giving me less spare change or anything like that
  • compared to other countries there are laws which ensure that we are protected from working overly long hours, weekends and most regular employees have anything from 4-6 weeks of paid vacation

These things are not sexy like having the kind of culture that produces international rockstars, writers and blockbuster movies. We might be a bit boring but at least there are opportunities and there’s a peace. What do you appreciate about your home?