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June 17, 2015

Apparently 40% of US employees feel like they are too busy to take a vacation. I am sure they see themselves as hard-working and responsible. If you are too stressed to take a vacation, go to the loo or get the sleep you need it’s not a reason to be proud. It can only mean three things:

1. Your boss (and his managers) is really bad at math. He doesn’t understand how much people are needed to do the work. This is not a terribly hard problem to figure out so if he can’t take care of that maybe you need a new boss.

2. You are not productive enough.

3. Your sense of self-importance is through the roof. Relax. The world was doing fine before you came along. The same is probably true for your company. It’s one of these illusions which go away once you challenge it.

Seasonal spikes occur of course. But if you can’t find a few weeks in a whole year something is definitely wrong.