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May 11, 2015

When you are thinking how to best reach a particular goal it’s important to understand whether you need an intervention or establish a habit.

An intervention is something that you do once or several times over a limited amount of time. Writing a gratitude letter or keeping a humour log for a week are examples. Chances are that you will feel happier for a while after doing an intervention. In some cases, though this should not be expected, we have some kind of epiphany or shift in perspective, in which case, the good effects might persist way longer than the actual intervention duration.

However often we waste money and energy chasing one-off short-term interventions while the only thing that would actually help us achieve the goal is habit change. Dieting versus changing your diet for good is the prime example for this.

So whatever your goal is, try to figure out whether you just need some inspiration and possibly a change of perspective or whether you need sustained effort.