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April 17, 2015

You must have seen them: the maps of the world with comments on them: Cowboy country in Texas or ‘maids and gardeners’ in Texas. But jokes (funny and not so funny ones) aside what do you really think about when you look at the world? What if you had to make a comment like that for every country? Would the world according to you be a scary place? Bitter-sweet?

The news wants to make me believe, that Russia equals crazy Putin land or that the continent of Africa can be reduced to terrorism, starvation and AIDS. If we never meet people from these places and never travel our mind will take that information to fill in the map of the world. Not because we’re bad people, but because our mind does not like empty spaces, so it just takes the information it has.

When I think of my map of the world I want it to be full of hearts representing dear friends, memories of awe-inspiring nature and cool cities and interesting bits about culture, language and anything else that is quirky and interesting. I won’t get it for free and if I just do as I am told and believe as I read in the papers. It’s a mission for life.