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April 3, 2015

Monument Valley at dusk with star trails. Utah, USA











Photography and Photoshop are often used to deceive, to depict something, that doesn’t really exist. This could be said about this picture as well. After all you can not position yourself at the point this picture was taken and see these lines in the sky. In case you are wondering, this picture was taken by leaving the shutter open for so long, that the earth rotated which made the stars look like they had changed position.

However in this case photography was used to show a reality that is hidden to our eyes: namely that although we know the earth is constantly turning we don’t feel or see it so most of the time we simply forget about it. Isn’t it weird that we can forget that what appears solid, the earth beneath our feet is constantly moving? Is it so weird then to imagine that we have inner movements too and that the truths that we are fighting about are equally valid, depending on our current position? And that fighting about it is as futile as telling a New Zealander that he is mistaken, about the stars he sees in the sky?