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March 25, 2015

People often think that not feeling enough is a personal problem to be solved. While it can be solved on a personal level instilling the feeling that we are not enough is integral to many things working the way they do: imagine if you didn’t need Loréal to tell you that you are worth it. Where would it leave them? Or how about employers keen on getting every ounce of work out of you while paying you the smallest possible amount? What would happen to them and their tactics if people knew their worth and knew what is fair and what is not? I am not saying there’s a giant conspiracy going on. However lots of companies and institutions can only work on the premise that people feel they are not good enough. If you feel good about yourself you might enjoy putting make-up on but you won’t buy every product they come up with. You might enjoy shopping without spending every weekend at the mall. So you are not alone. We are all made to feel this way. However we can decide to take back some of that power by finding other ways of feeling worthy. One way is to learn to appreciate your strengths and the strengths of others. By not owning your strengths you give others the power over you to use you through your weaknesses.