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March 5, 2015

Not a lot of marketing slogans have shaped our culture as powerfully as the Nike slogan ‘Just Do It’ has. Yes often we might be too passive. Experimentation and risk-taking might often be the way to go. However we have become obsessed with the idea, that if we do nothing, nothing will happen. Actually doing nothing can give space to grow. Sometimes we do everything right, yet don’t see any results because whatever it is we are trying to do wants to grow, but simply has no space among the busyness and stuff in our lives. Or we have already done so much, put in such a concentrated effort, that doing nothing consciously is absolutely needed for our work to pay off or otherwise we might be taken aback, by how much fruit we need to pick come spring. The excess might go to waste. Do you know in what areas in your life space and just doing nothing might be the best answer?