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February 8, 2015

Probably there will be no Hollywood moment. Even if you achieve something really worthwhile it is quite likely that the applause won’t come from a stadium of chanting fans. Like my friend Cathrine. She is teaching journalists constructive journalism. The kind of journalism that won’t leave the reader depressed and wanting to sleep in some earth hole but actually feel that despite the tragedy in the world, lots of people are doing something good. She is actually very successful and journalists around the world are learning from her. However the differences will be so small at first and the process so gradual that even if our media become more constructive and positive, the majority of the people will probably never notice this. The number of people who have picked up a newspaper and then started supporting a worthy cause by volunteering or donating will probably rise. People will probably feel less depressed after reading the papers. Maybe conflicts will be solved sooner and even less people might die, because the journalist took the trouble to connect those who have the ideas and processes for a solution with those who have the money and power to do it. But nobody will know that it started with Cathrine and I am sure she is okay with that. This is not about promoting a martyr attitude. Far from it, because who wants to put in so much effort and then die alone and forgotten? Future sainthood is not really that great if you are dead. However the point is this: the overwhelming majority of everything that is worthwhile doing might go unacknowledged. So acknowledgment, praise and recognition are not enough. You have to be able to pick up the positive change you have made in the world even if nobody else does. You have to be able to derive pride and gratitude from these instances to keep yourself going. Others will every once in a while probably acknowledge it. Their feedback is wonderful. But it will never be enough if you are unable to see the differences you make yourself.