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January 28, 2015

Yesterday I quoted Steven Pressfield who said that resistance is impersonal. That is true and liberating. However sometimes there are reasons for our resistance and they are clues. Resistance in those instances is personal, because it might tell us that we are heading the wrong way or haven’t met our needs in a way that allows us to pour ourselves into our work. Maybe

  • a change of perspective is required (if you always focus on others focus on yourself or the other way round)
  • something might be rational but deep down we just don’t want to do it
  • you lack vital information to proceed
  • something is out of sequence (baking the cake before the dough is finished)
  • we have neglected self-care (not enough sleep, mental rest, lack of exercise)

How can both of these conflicting things be true about resistance? That it is impersonal and personal? Timing is important. If you just don’t feel like starting, but get over yourself, start working and after 20 minutes it flows the resistance was impersonal. If you know you haven’t slept or moved properly for days it may be easier to rectify those behaviours than trying to break through resistance with sheer stubbornness. If you never know what to cover maybe you haven’t done the legwork just yet. Whatever it is it’s important not to overthink but to experiment. Sleep more see what happens. Research and see what happens.