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August 31, 2014

starfish  with ocean , beach and seascape, shallow dofIf you are a skeptical reader you probably want me to supply lots of scientific evidence that positive emotions are good for you. Even if I did you would probably still think ‘I am not convinced’. Isn’t it interesting that you think you have a critical, no nonsense mind yet are 90% unlikely to be able to think of an actual study which showed that positive emotions make people dumb, narcissistic or shallow? You might be able to recall someone who a) annoyed you and b) also happened to be a happy person but that my friend is not very scientific. However you are almost certain read more …

August 19, 2014

Imagine yourself in a boxing ring. In one scenario you get hit once, stumble and fall to the ground. In scenario two you get hit five times and then come crushing down. The heart-breaking part in this imaginary story is that in both cases your opponent just hit you once. read more …

August 9, 2014

Thank You In Different Languages






I wish I was the kind of girl who would rise and shine and the prospect of brightening 25 people’s lives but reality turned out to be a little bit more complicated than that. The discrepancy was so stark that I felt like I was part of my own “How I met your mother” episode. At various points of the day I heard Bob Saget’s voice in my head: “Kids in the fall 2011 Kristen decided to to attempt the 25 acts of kindness challenge. This is how she imagined it: beaming people everywhere, cuddling, high-fiving, startled and happy to have someone do something for them which was totally unexpected. But this is what really happened:

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August 5, 2014

Grizzly Bear






Taco Bell apparently calls it’s cashiers champions and didn’t you know that this form of fake positivity is endorsed by those weirdos who call themselves positive psychologists? The apocalypse of forced corporate happiness is about as far away from what positive psychology is about as Taco Bell’s taco is from an actual Mexican taco…. read more …