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May 25, 2014

People biking in Copenhagen

Until I heard the mayor of Copenhagen talk about bicycles I used to beat myself up a lot. Like lots of people I loved plans and formulating concrete goals. I could spend hours and hours planning things out, trying to get everything right in advance. Every single year when the time for new year’s resolutions rolled around I would again enthusiastically create step-by-step plans to achieve stuff like cleaning my room, exercising regularly and all the other usual suspects. Plans suggest that change is easy. Just break it down and you can’t fail.

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May 25, 2014

Learning to manage your strengths is not just about doing certain things more often. Before we can do that it is necessary to make space in our life by identifying the things that take energy away from us and doing them less. While people like to take this concept on board with things they don’t like doing that much anyway, sometimes questions arise when tests such as the Realise2 strengths assessment state that ‘gratitude’ or ‘optimism’ is a learned behaviour and should therefore be performed less.

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