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October 9, 2014

Thanks for listening to the Positive Psychology Film Festival special. If you haven’t listened to this episode of the Positive Psychology Podcast click on Podcast or go to iTunes or Stitcher. In this episode I talk about how positive emotions, engagement, relationships , meaning and achievement were covered in different movies.

Ballet 422

Song From the Forest

The Great Invisible

The Green Prince (one of my two favourite movies of the festival)

The Rise and Rise of Bitcoin

Toto and his Sisters

Capital C

Die Demokratie ist los (Democracy is loose)

Who am I (one of my two favourite movies of the festival)

Zu Ende Leben (To live to the End)

Posthumous (didn’t mention this, but it’s a fun comedy)

Ship of Theseus

Carl Lutz (regrettably I forgot to mention this one because it’s about a great act of courage that happened during World War II

Yes there is one movie missing but it was mostly just weird and confusing…

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