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My guess is that you are tired wasting time & energy on things that bring you down. Let’s do something about that right now. By taking 10-15 minutes right now to go through your day we will identify things that you can eliminate and reduce so you can make more time for the activities and habits that give you energy & joy.


If you are already in the fortunate situation that you spend your time well I would like to propose that you take a look at these great apps that help you integrate happy and meaningful habits into your daily life.


My name is Kristen and I am here to help you lead a happier and more meaningful life using the ideas and tools based on Positive Psychology. I have a Masters degree in Applied Positive Psychology (yeah you can actually study this stuff), podcast (over 550’000 downloads around the world), teach classes at the Zurich Community College and coach folks like you when things get too hard to go alone.

Let’s talk if you want to become a more confident and compassionate ruler of your skull-sized kingdom and reap the rewards that come with that (less anxiety, increased motivation or a greater sense of happiness to name a few).


I am very excited to introduce my first product, the Brainwash audiobook. It’s for you if you feel any of the following:

  • constantly stressed
  • struggle with self-worth and self-compassion
  • can’t help but feel pessimistic even if you know it’s not good for you
  • have tried meditation but it hasn’t worked out for you

Click on the pic to learn more.


New Logo The Positive Psychology Podcast


The podcast dives deep into positive psychology topics such as passion, mindfulness or strengths so you can cherry pick the strategies that work best for you. So far there are over 60 episodes, all for free, which you can download to your phone and listen to whenever you want to.



If you don’t have the time to absorb all these free resources or are facing a particular challenge for which you need personalized attention check out the coaching offers. You can schedule an appointment that works for you for free instantly to check out how compatible we are. Just click on contact/schedule now in the lower left of the page. I hate pushy salespeople so I won’t act like one myself, I promise.


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